Where to Sell Funko Pop! for Cash in 2024: 11 Best Places

Today I want to give you some ideas of where to sell Funko Pop! collectibles for cash in 2024. Maybe your collection has grown too big and you want to unload some or you’re getting out of the hobby altogether. Either way, I want to help you get top dollar for your Funko Pop! toys and sell them off quickly.

In this article, we will guide you through the best places to sell your Funko Pop! figures and make some extra money. From popular online platforms like eBay and Mercari to local collectible shops and pawn shops near you, we’ve got you covered.

So, grab your Funko Pop! collection and get ready to turn it into cash!

Where to Sell Funko Pop! Online

where to sell Funko Pop!

Looking to sell your Funko Pop! or Funko Soda toys for cash in 2024? Let’s discuss the top online platforms where you can list and sell your collectibles.

Whether you’re looking for a customizable shop design, a large audience, or a platform for rare Funko Pop!, we’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision.


If you want to sell your Funko Pop! for cash in 2023, Etsy is a great platform to consider. With its large and diverse community of buyers and sellers, Etsy offers a unique marketplace for collectors and enthusiasts.

Setting up your shop on Etsy is easy, and you can customize your shop design to showcase your funko pop! collection. Plus, Etsy charges reasonable fees for listing and selling your items.

By listing your Funko Pop! on Etsy, you can reach a wide audience of potential buyers who are specifically interested in collectibles like yours.


When you want to reach a large audience and have the potential to sell your collectibles at fair prices, eBay is a platform worth considering. With its vast user base, eBay provides you with the opportunity to connect with buyers from all over the world.

By setting up an eBay account and creating listings for your Funko Pop! figures, you can showcase your collection to a wide range of potential buyers. Plus, eBay offers various tools and features to help you optimize your listings and attract more attention.

Keep in mind that eBay charges fees for selling on their platform, so make sure to factor that into your pricing strategy. However, the potential reach and selling power of eBay make it a valuable platform for selling your Funko Pop! collectibles.


Another great place to sell your Pop! toys is on Reddit at the /r/funkoswap subreddit. There you’ll find other collectors so you’ll know your old Pop! figures will go to a happy home. It’s also great for trading but use some common sense when buying or selling online. Check references and insure your parcels


Sell2BBNovelties.com is a great platform to consider when you have a well-preserved Funko Pop! that you want to sell. They accept Funko Pop! in good condition and provide a convenient way to sell them without any fees. One of their unique features is the lookup library, which allows you to search for information about your Funko Pop!, such as their current value and any special characteristics. This can be really helpful when determining the worth of your collection. With Sell2BBNovelties.com, you can easily sell your Funko Pop! and find out more about them at the same time, all without having to pay any fees.


Mercari charges a sales fee and provides a user-friendly platform for listing and selling Funko Pop! It’s a convenient option if you’re looking to sell your Funko Pop! online.

With Mercari, you can easily download the app and start listing your items. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple to create compelling listings with clear photos.

When your Funko Pop! sells, Mercari will charge a sales fee. While this fee may cut into your profits, the platform’s large user base can help attract potential buyers.

Plus, with its convenient built-in shipping choices, sending off your beloved Funko Pop! to its new owner through Mercari is a breeze. All in all, if you’re up for a stress-free online journey to find your Funko Pop! a new home, Mercari should be on your radar!


Bonanza offers an alternative online platform for selling a variety of collectibles, including Funko Pop! With Bonanza, you can easily list your Beanie Babies and reach a wide audience of potential buyers.

The platform provides a user-friendly experience, allowing you to create compelling listings with clear photos and detailed descriptions. Plus, Bonanza charges low fees compared to other online marketplaces, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Additionally, Bonanza offers various promotional tools to help you attract more buyers, such as advertising campaigns and social media integration.

Where to Sell Funko Pop! Near You

Ready to find a new home for your Funko Pop! locally? You’ve got a bunch of cool choices! Take a peek at awesome places like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Yard Sales, and OfferUp – they’re all about making local selling super easy.

Oh, and don’t forget to give pawn shops and those cute local collectible stores a visit too! They’re not just about transactions, they’re all about cool chats and maybe even better prices.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a popular option for selling Funko Pop! locally without any fees. You can easily list your Funko Pop! on the platform and reach a local audience interested in purchasing them.

With Facebook Marketplace, you don’t have to worry about paying any fees, which means you get to keep all the profits from your sales. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to sell your Funko Pop! without any hassle. Plus, you can communicate directly with potential buyers through the platform, making it easier to negotiate prices and arrange for meet-ups.


Craigslist offers a face-to-face selling experience for Funko Pop!, allowing for direct interactions with potential buyers. It’s a great way to connect with local buyers and showcase your collection.

Another overlooked use of Craigslist is its Garage & Moving Sales section where users can list their upcoming yardsale. It’s a great feature to schedule in advance for bargain hunters to put on their calendars. It also gives you weeks of marketing and word of mouth for your garage sale.

With Craigslist Garage & Moving Sales, you can set up a booth or table at a local event or even host your yard sale. This allows you to talk to buyers, answer their questions, and negotiate prices right then and there. It’s a more personal and interactive selling experience compared to online platforms.

Plus, you can avoid shipping costs and concerns by selling locally. Just make sure to advertise your yard sale properly on Craigslist to attract interested buyers to your event.


If you want a user-friendly platform to list your Funko Pop! for sale, try downloading the OfferUp app. With OfferUp, you can easily create listings and connect with local buyers who are interested in purchasing your collectible toys.

The app charges a service fee, but it provides a convenient way to reach a local audience and potentially make quick sales. Plus, the platform is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to navigate and manage your listings.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting, OfferUp offers a hassle-free way to sell your Funko Pop! and turn it into cash.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops can be a convenient option for selling your Funko Pop! without any fees. When you visit your local pawn shop, you can bring your Funko Pop! and negotiate a price with the staff. The personalized interaction allows you to ask questions and get an assessment of the value of your collectibles.

Unlike online platforms that charge fees, pawn shops don’t take a cut from your sale. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the reach of pawn shops may be limited compared to online marketplaces. Additionally, the offers you receive at pawn shops may not be as high as what you could potentially get online.

Nevertheless, if you prefer face-to-face interactions and want to avoid fees, pawn shops can be a viable option for selling your Funko Pop!

Local Collectible Shops

From toy stores to comic shops, when it comes to selling your Funko Pop!, local collectible shops can offer you the potential for higher prices and a unique shopping experience. These shops provide personalized interactions with knowledgeable staff who can assess the value of your Funko Pop! accurately. Unlike online platforms, you can have face-to-face interactions and negotiate prices directly with the shop owner.

However, keep in mind that the reach of local collectible shops may be limited compared to online marketplaces, and they may not have as many clients. Additionally, the offers you receive from these shops may be lower compared to online platforms. It’s important to research the market value of your Funko Pop! beforehand to ensure you get a fair price.


Are you curious about the value of your Funko Pop! collection? Wondering what to do with your old Funko Pop! figures? Are you unsure if anyone is still buying Funko Pop! items? And how can you determine if a Funko Pop! is rare?

In this discussion, we will explore these key points to help you navigate the world of Funko Pop! collecting and selling.

Is Your Funko Pop! Collection Worth Anything?

Over the past few years, Funko has made so much Pop! figures it’s quite amazing. They have managed to create these spectacular toys from every pop culture genre you can imagine and many you haven’t. Because of that, there are so many it’s quite a challenge to determine how much each at worth. Some sell for over $10,000 while many are only worth less than the original retail price.

To determine the value of your Funko Pop! collectibles the easiest way is to refer to eBay. Head over to eBay and search for your Pop! toys. Make sure you check the sold price and not only the current list price. Also, review how many of the same item is listed on their website. If there’s a lot then that means demand for that Pop! is low and can take longer to sell.

Don’t let your old Funko Pop! figures gather dust, explore these alternative options and find new homes for them today.

How can you tell if a Funko Pop! is rare?

If you’re wondering how to determine if a Funko Pop! is rare, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, a sticker on the front of a Funk Pop! is a good indicator if the Pop! is rare or not. In most cases, the sticker indicates it’s an exclusive or limited edition and sometimes includes the production number. However, this does not guarantee it’s valuable or rarity just a starting point for you. Some of the original Pop! toys didn’t have stickers and are still quite valuable.

Funko Pop! Selling Tips

Don’t rush in selling Funko Pop! if you have time and don’t need money now. Many think the bubble has burst but I’ll be the first to tell you that is not the case. Beanie Babies are now considered a flop and a terrible investment but still sell for thousands of dollars. The media likes to jump on stories but doesn’t get the real picture and the demise of Funko is greatly exaggerated. This is coming from me with only even purchasing four Pop! toys ever. I’m not an investor but I know collectibles rarely bottom out in value. From Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, sportscars, and more are thriving. As long as it has an industry thriving pushing the hobby forward there will be buyers and lots of fun along the way.

Store your Funko Pop! toys properly. If you have valuable figures, make sure to store them properly in protective cases to safeguard their value. Make sure they are properly stored in waterproof containers, away from sunlight and any kind of fumes like smoke.

If you have to sell now, sell the most valuable Funko Pop! first. Get the most money now into your pocket because you likely have a collection of low-value Pop! toys. When that happens, you don’t mind selling them off the remainder as a lot for a lower price but to one or two buyers.


So, now you know the 12 best places to sell your Funko Pop! collectibles for cash in 2023. Whether you prefer online platforms like eBay and Mercari for their wide audience or physical shops like pawn shops and local collectible stores for a personalized experience, there are plenty of options available to you.

Remember to assess the condition and value of your Funko Pop! figures, research price guides, and use online resources to determine their worth. Happy selling!