The Best Men’s Subscription Boxes for 2024

There are loads of men’s subscription boxes perfect to send to your favorite guy or keep for yourself.

I’ve received dozens of boxes and discovered some surefire boxes to help take your game up a notch.

After carefully reviewing dozens of subscription boxes, I found the best men’s subscription boxes packed with items you’ll love.

Today, I want to share with you all of the best ones and here they are:

Men’s Style and Accessories Subscription Box

Here’s an area some guys suffer and that’s paying closer attention to style details. These subscription boxes can help you see a broader range of accessories to widen your style options.

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Men's Subscription Box

If your dad wasn’t around to tell you how to be a man then Bespoke Post is the next best thing.

Bespoke Post delivers monthly goods and guidance for the modern world.

They’ll upgrade your day-to-day life through themed boxes full of enviable gear – outdoor essentials, home bar upgrades, and lots more.

Bespoke Post is without question the most customer-centric subscription box. Easy ordering and a relaxed returns policy allow you to preview the box first, then customize it or even skip it if you don’t like what’s inside.

There are no commitments and really is 100% hassle-free.

You can cancel anytime and it truly makes a great gift for a guy who has just about everything.

Watch Gang

Men’s Subscription Boxes

Watch Gang teams up with some of the best watchmakers all around the world to bring you some of the coolest newest brands and styles every month.

This is a great way to learn about new watch companies and different types of styles that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

If you join Watch Gang now I’ll send you a brand new watch right to your door every month.

These aren’t rentals, you get to keep every watch. As a bonus, Watch Gang gives away a tag every Tuesday and a Rolex every Friday.

They ship watches on the 16th of each month and are fully insured and guaranteed. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Gentleman’s Box

If you look good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good.

This is what the Gentleman’s Box is all about. It’s filled with everything you need to perform at your highest level.

The Gentleman’s Box delivers not only carefully curated items of style and significance. Their box is a way to shop smarter and not harder.

The Gentleman’s Box offers two boxes the choose from including a special premium box with their finest items. Boxes start at $29, secure yours today to ensure your gentleman‘s legacy for tomorrow.

Breo Box

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for” and this box delivers on that account.

Breo Box is the top-of-the-line subscription box. Starting at $129, the Breo Box sends you an array of extremely unique and high-quality goods ranging from tech products like the Amazon Echo Dot to a Wi-Fi smart scale, wireless earbuds, and even an OXO stainless steel French press.

If you’re truly looking for something special in a men’s subscription box then Breo Box is for you.

The Breo Box is sent in a reusable wooden box and is delivered every three months. This will make an amazing gift or an excellent thank-you package for someone who got you the job with a view overlooking the East River.


You ain’t getting dapper in a day but Sprezzabox can take you to the other side in a month.

They’ll upgrade your style with key accessories that can be delivered monthly all courtesy of Sprezzabox.

Their custom stylist will handpick 5 to 6 different products and have them sent straight to your door.

Sprezzabox is packed with items including ties, socks, pocket squares, grooming products, and more.

This box is excellent for guys who love to add an extra dimension to their look or even for those who are missing something in their wardrobe.

Each box is filled with over $100 worth of items yet you only pay $28. Check out the website and see some of the things you get in each box.

Robb Vices

For the ultrarich, the Robb Report is like a Bible to them. The same folks who are responsible for the magazine have created Robb Vices to deliver some of the finest products from around the world.

This high-end subscription box carefully curates luxury products ranging from spirits, tech gadgets, cigars, and even prime porterhouse steak. Available only in the USA.

Society Socks

Keep your toes nice and toasty and your soul even warmer with Society Socks.

This sock subscription box has a social cause component making joining feel so much better.

Once you join, Society Socks will donate two pairs of socks to someone in need.

What you’ll get in every package features the ultimate blend of craftsmanship and style.

Society Socks only delivers high-quality socks that are bold and colorful making you want to roll up your jeans to show them off.

Shipped from Canada they can be sent around the world.


If you put Darth Vader on a pair of socks people will buy them and that’s why Stance is the hottest brand in the sock world.

The hottest socks have to have their subscription box so Stance will send you a fresh pair of socks every month just to keep you happy.

You could choose between Stance socks or underwear and have it delivered monthly or quarterly. They’ll ask you a few questions just so they can choose the right pair for you and deliver right to your door.

Men’s Shave and Grooming Subscription Boxes

Dollar Shave Club

These guys are the kings of the subscription box world after a few Super Bowl commercials and a recent acquisition by Unilever, the Dollar Shave Club is getting bigger than ever.

Get ready to look, feel, and smell your best with a risk-free dollar shave club starter set. They are one of the highest-rated subscription box services and send out fresh razors along with styling products to men around the world.

They’ve expanded to now provide a variety of products from hair care, toothpaste, shampoo, Shea butter and so much more. They have a great offer for a starter set to um, get you started.


The shave wars are alive and well thanks to a new company turning the men’s grooming market upside down and that’s Harry’s.

Designed in America and crafted in Germany, they are quickly becoming one of the biggest brands in the men’s grooming market.

With a team of over 600 engineers, designers, craftsmen, and chemists, Harry’s is trying to make amazing razors along with great shaving supplies and face care ointments.

To get you onboard for Henry’s Express train, they’ve got an excellent trial set for an extremely low price to show you how good they are razors are.

After that, you can subscribe and receive fresh new blades every month with free shipping.

Birchbox Men’s Grooming

Birchbox made our list as one of the Best Subscription Boxes and now they have something for men.

They now offer a monthly men’s grooming and lifestyle box for men for as little as $10 a month.

Each month, Birchbox will send a unique assortment of grooming products ranging from anti-aging moisturizers to beard care supplies delivered right to your door.

Geek and Sports Subscription Boxes

Do you ever feel like you could be the savior of Gotham City or move faster than a speeding bullet? If so, then I got the perfect subscription box for you. Here are our picks for the best Men’s Subscription Boxes for Geek and Sports:


Lootcrate is one of the biggest subscription box companies in the world and they’ll send out collectibles, apparel, and gear delivered right to your door every month.

All fans of superheroes, comics, and all things geeky will go wild for Lootcrate. Their vast collection of subscription boxes is carefully tailored to every fanboy’s dream.

Lootcrate does an amazing job of curating boxes of the best entertainment brands and delivering them every single month.

From Back to the Future, Aliens, and over to the Avengers, Lootcrate is perfect for virtually every guy and the kid inside him.


For the ultimate sports fan, Fanchest sends out meaningful sports gifts that all fans will love delivered straight to your doorstep.

Every Fanchest is packed with premium gear of officially licensed sports products making it the perfect gift filled with awesome value.

Although it’s not actually a subscription box, it’s one of the most popular ones for guys. They offer free returns and every box includes a golden ticket for a chance to win signed memorabilia, tickets to games, or a VIP experience.

The Runner Box

If you enjoy pounding the pavement at high speeds then you deserve a reward sent right to your home.

The Runner Box is perfect for those who wear backpacks filled with water and put patches over their nipples.

The Runner Box has grown and now offers three different boxes perfectly designed for runners, triathletes, and cyclists.

Each item in those boxes or really thought out and comes with over a dozen items each that were handpicked and tested by their team of athletes. So you’re getting some good stuff in these boxes.

You can get a runner box sent to you every two months by other caring athletes who want to see you excel out on the road or in the trails. I’ll stick to my Twinkies, thank you.


Are you worried about a zombie attack or want to go off the grid? A Battlbox will get you ready with the right survivalist gear sent right to your home.

Every Battlbox is perfect for any guy who wants to get off the grid, head to the outdoors, or ward off the undead.

Starting at $29.99 a month each panel box is packed with outdoor gear, survival tools, and items perfect for camping, hiking, Bushcraft, and more.

They offer 4 different packages and you can always change or cancel at any time. Battlbox also has a growing community to discuss and share your outdoor stories.

Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

If you really hate entering a clothing store then these men’s clothing subscription services are perfect for you. Most follow the idea that all pants and shirts do not fit the same so you basically need to try on everything for the rest of your life including these men’s clothing subscription boxes. This is mostly your fault. Who told you to eat that marshmallow unicorn doughnut, Carl?

Stitch Fix

Men's Subscription Boxes

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had your own personal stylist? Well, you do now! Stitch Fix can figure out what clothes soon your body and style from the thousands of items they carry.

Simply fill out a style profile and then will send you a variety of hand-picked items to try from home. Pay only for what you keep then return what you don’t like.

You can also sign up for automatic deliveries or skip the subscription altogether. If you like everything Stitch Fix sent over, you’ll get an additional 25% off the entire order.

Trunk Club

Men's Subscription Boxes

Owned and operated by giant retailer Nordstrom, Trunk Club will get you looking stylish in no time with a wide array of quality name-brand clothes.

Just create a style profile, chat with the stylus in their app, and then show you a preview of items they want to send you. If you like them I’ll send them to you.

When you receive the items, try everything on and what you don’t like, send them back for free. Keep only the clothes you love.

Basic Man

If your lady or even worse your mom, is getting tired of seeing your crusty underwear then you need to get on over to Basic Man which might offer one of the most practical subscription boxes around.

Each month Basic Man will send you essential items that you need in your wardrobe for everyday life.

T-shirts, boxer briefs, and songs will be delivered by Basic Man in a variety of colors and styles that will keep you feeling fresh and new.

Each of these items also has a destroy-by date letting you know it’s time to give up on an old pair of underwear.

Create a subscription online and have them sent out to you every month. Exchanges are always free and delivered right to your door.



If you want clothes other guys love wearing, then you need to check out Bombfell.

There are dozens of reviews from men loving the clothes they get from this clothing delivery service.

Bombfell will also get you to take a style profile and then send you clothing to try on based on their stylist picks.

Simply try on the clothes they send you then keep what you like or send back the rest. They offer free shipping and returns and an additional discount if you keep more items.

Menlo Club

Menlo Club

Formed by the Five Four group as a way to introduce their brands into the world.

The Menlo Club made our list for the Best Men’s Subscription Box because its successful operation service delivers high-quality clothing styles and customers keep going back for more.

Simply Fill out their style quiz and they’ll send you a package of their brand-name clothing ranging from t-shirts, shorts, pants, shirts, and even shoes.

You can choose between casualwear, classic, form,al or a mix of them all.

Under Armour Armourbox

If you want massive biceps like The Rock then you’re going to need the gear to get you there.

This box is perfect for the gym rat and every guy that wants to live a healthy lifestyle and look reasonably cool while doing so is the Under Armour Armourbox.

Inside every Armourbox, you’ll receive 4 – 6 handpick pieces of official Under Armour gear sent it right to your doorstep. Once you receive the gear tried on and send the stuff you don’t like back for free. I’ll even send you new gear every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Food and Drink Subscription Boxes

Butcher Box

Some guys don’t care about clothes, superheroes, or even socks.

They just want to see meat burn on an open flame to get an even crust and a good char.

For those who raise a grill fork in joy when the barbeque hits 450°F, I found the perfect box for them.

Butcher Box delivers meat to your door. Raw slabs of meat. You cook it, you eat it and then do it again tomorrow.

It’s for the guy that just wants to turn on the grill. You can get 100% grass-fed beef, heritage-bred pork, and free-range organic chicken that’s all been personally tested by Butcher Box.

Skip the store and get very delicious meat delivered free right to your door so you can spend more time with your family and eat some of the finest quality meats around.


Perfect for coffee lovers or anyone who can’t get started without a hot cup of joe in the morning.

This subscription box brings you what every caffeine fiend loves and that is coffee beans from around the world, freshly ground to order, and over 500 varieties.

Mistobox matches you with their coffee curator who is an expert and will learn the kind of coffee you like and send coffee to you right to your door based on your preferences.

This is another subscription box that’s perfect for sending as a gift and is easily customizable.

Taster’s Club

Men's Subscription Boxes

There’s nothing worse than getting boozed up on the weekend and forgetting what drink got you hammered.

Tasters Club will take it slow and guide you through how to get lit with the right kind of liquor.

You can choose either to get a single spirit or stock the entire bar with monthly memberships or three, six, and 12-month options and can cancel anytime with no obligation or hidden fees.

It’s available in the United States only and most states but sorry Utah you ain’t getting any. You are good people but no drinky drinks for you.

Try the World

You can’t call yourself gourmet until you feast on some of the tastiest snacks and drinks from around the world. After you ate that Frito pie at lunch in front of management, you’ll need to upgrade your snack game.

Try the World to scour the earth to find delicious treats to stop your belly from rumbling and turn that frown upside down.

In each box they send out you’ll get 7 to 8 international delights every month. The more months you order, the more you’ll save. Soon you can eat in the break room again.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, over 25 of the best subscription boxes for men and over seven different categories ranging from clothing, food, geek, accessories, and a bunch of other stuff I forgot already.

These boxes are absolutely perfect as gifts to guys who have everything and probably better for those who have nothing because it would help them.

I love all of these men’s subscription boxes as gifts because I don’t have to shop for anything, I don’t need to pack anything and I don’t need to mail anything. Each subscription box company will do that for me while I get all the thank yous. Every little thank you is all mine. Mine.

I hope you enjoyed our journey of the best subscription boxes for men and you found one for yourself or for that sweet guy who sends you text messages at 3 am ‘Are you up?’