Free Food and Cooking Magazine Subscriptions by Mail

If you love food and are a fan of cooking, then you know that there’s nothing better than getting free food and cooking magazine subscriptions. Each magazine arrives monthly and they’re packed with recipes, tips, and tricks that can help you become a better cook. And the best part is, I found plenty of them for free!

Check out these free cooking magazine subscriptions! With recipes, tips, and tricks from the experts, you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time – and saving money while you’re at it. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

There are many free food magazines available that can provide great information on recipes, cooking tips, and the latest food trends. These magazines can be a great resource for those who enjoy cooking and trying new foods. Some of the popular free food magazines include Food Network Magazine, EatingWell, and Bon Appetit. These magazines can be found at most grocery stores and online.

There are a variety of free cooking and food magazine subscriptions available online. Some popular options include Bon Appetit, Food Network Magazine, and Fine Cooking. These magazines offer recipes, cooking tips, and articles about food and dining. They are a great resource for both home cooks and professional chefs.

Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is a beautifully designed food and entertaining magazine that takes a fresh approach to both. It covers the latest trends in food and drinks, cooking, entertaining, and healthy living without being too stuffy or pretentious. You can expect to find delicious recipes, tips on healthy living, and ideas for entertaining guests. Plus, the magazine’s beautiful photography will make you want to try everything!


Change your life and start a healthier lifestyle with an EatingWell free magazine subscription. It’s a great source for those who are looking to improve their diet.

Their free magazine subscription offer is the perfect way to get started on your healthy eating journey. The magazine is full of delicious recipes, tips for eating well, and inspiring stories from people who have made healthy eating a part of their lives.

Food Network

Foodies from all over love their free subscription to Food Network Magazine. It’s packed with mouthwatering recipes, gorgeous photos, and tips from your favorite TV chefs. Each issue also includes a special section devoted to a particular cuisine, so you can explore new flavors and techniques. With a free subscription, you’ll never miss an issue!

Good Housekeeping

If you love all things related to homemaking, then a subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine is perfect for you! Every issue is filled with tips and tricks on everything from cleaning and organization to cooking and decorating. Plus, you’ll enjoy regular features on health, beauty, and fashion. And with a subscription, you’ll get all of this delivered right to your door for free!

Healthy Living

If you’re trying to follow a healthy lifestyle then you need a monthly free magazine subscription to Healthy Living. Keep up with the latest trends in food, diets, healthy lifestyle, and get great tips on how to cook and eat healthy meals. You’ll find recipes for nutritious snacks and desserts that you can make at home.

My Food and Family

My Food and Family magazine is loaded with mouthwatering recipes, tips, and more to help make your family mealtime even better. From quick and easy weeknight dinners to slow cooker favorites and holiday classics, you’ll find everything you need to make mealtime special. Plus, you can get a subscription sent to your home for free.

Whisky Advocate

Whisky Advocate magazine provides a wealth of knowledge and insights that you won’t find anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran whisky drinker or just beginning to explore the world of fine spirits. From interviews with master distillers to reviews of uncommon and limited-edition whiskies, each issue is jam-packed with information that will quench any whisky enthusiast’s thirst for knowledge. Sign up for a free magazine subscription to Whisky Advocate magazine immediately and begin discovering the world of whisky like never before.

Wine Spectator

Love wine? Then I found a perfect magazine for you. Wine Spectator magazine is the leading publication for wine enthusiasts. Each issue features in-depth articles on wine regions, grape varieties, and winemaking, as well as tasting notes for thousands of wines from around the world. Whether you’re a novice wine drinker or a seasoned pro, Wine Spectator magazine is a must-read.

Woman’s Day

Get the magazine that’s been celebrating women’s lives and sharing delicious recipes since 1931. Woman’s Day magazine is filled with easy-to-follow recipes, cooking advice, and delectable shots to inspire your next feast. So sign up today and enjoy a digital subscription to a year’s worth of appetizing recipes, and more for free.

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Why do I love Free Food and Cooking Magazine Subscriptions?

With soaring prices at restaurants, which are usually very unhealthy options, cooking at home can get great for the wallet and waist. I’ve found every magazine offers some great meal ideas to make in bulk which saves time and money.

I used a few recipes to make meatballs, quesadillas, chicken strips, and more in bulk. By doing so, I’ve managed to cut down my per-meal prices to under $2 per person, and variety is not sacrificed. My family loves it and I even shared some with my parents who live nearby.

Can I send Free Food and Cooking magazine subscriptions anywhere?

Yes, you can. I have sent several magazines to friends who aren’t online. I simply submit their address instead of mine and all of them are so happy to receive a surprise magazine in the mail. These are also great for offices with waiting rooms like a Doctor’s office or even a car dealership.

Why do some links not work?

Most of the free magazine subscriptions are a limited-time offer and only a certain number are available. For that reason, the links become inactive but can return at any time without warning. Because of that, I don’t want to remove the link in case it becomes active again. Thank you for staying with me and checking often if you do.

In conclusion, there is just something so wonderful about sitting down with free food and cooking magazine subscriptions, getting carried away, and discovering something new you can cook or bake. Cooking and baking are like opening up a new little world inside you. And the best thing is, cooking is way more fun than it looks, so you’re likely to learn some new things and have a blast in the process.