Get Free Health and Fitness Magazine Subscriptions by Mail

A great way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle is to get free health and fitness magazine subscriptions. Discover informative advice on healthy eating, fitness plans, and more with these free monthly magazines. Each issue may inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals and they’re totally free.

In this list of free health and fitness magazines subscription, you’ll find some of the biggest brand names found on newsstands across the nation. All of the magazines are fantastic for everyone so there’s definitely a magazine perfect for you. What’s also great about these magazines subscription is, you can have them mailed anywhere including your home, office, or even to a friend.

Where can I get free health and fitness magazine subscriptions?

There are a few places that offer free health and fitness magazine subscriptions and I want to tell you which ones are available for free. I’ve found ones that are totally free with no strings attached or credit card needed.

Just so we’re on the same page, these magazines are exactly like the ones you’d find at newsstands or supermarkets. To get a free subscription, all you need to do is provide your mailing address.

Don’t waste time at other sites that ask you to take a survey or credit card when you can get this fantastic subscription for free. I’ve gotten so many great subscriptions this way, and have never once been disappointed. The only downside is when the subscription ends or the magazine goes out of print.

Free Health and Fitness Magazine Subscriptions

Check out this list of free health and fitness magazine subscriptions, so you can save some money and get healthy at the same time.

Golf Magazine

Discover all things golf with Golf Magazine! From expert tips by our Top 100 Teachers in America to interviews with golfing legends, get exclusive insights. Elevate your game with advice from the renowned David Pelz, and stay current on gear through ClubTest reviews. It’ll be your ultimate golf source!

Healthy Living

Try out new and delicious recipes that are good for you with a subscription to Healthy Living food and drink magazine. Healthy Living magazine not only provides delicious recipes, but also gives great tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking and baking in general. With its wealth of information, the magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who loves to cook and bake.

Health Magazine

If you’re looking for a magazine that covers all aspects of health and wellness, from fitness and diet tips to the latest medical breakthroughs, then Health Magazine is definitely worth checking out. And right now, you can score a free 2-year subscription.

Men’s Health

Looking for a men’s health magazine that doesn’t sugarcoat the facts? Look no further than Men’s Health. It’s packed with useful fitness tips, essential gear recommendations, and men’s topics on everything from sports medicine to parenting. Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned pro, Men’s Health has something for you.

Outside Magazine

Outdoor Magazine delivers the latest in outdoor gear, gear reviews, gear tips, gear guides, and more. Whether you’re looking for information on the latest outdoor gear or tips on how to get the most out of your next outdoor adventure, Outdoor Magazine is a great resource.

Runner’s World

Runner’s World Magazine is the world’s leading running and triathlon magazine. It is the ultimate source for runners as it provides comprehensive coverage of the latest news, gear, and training tips. No runner should be without a subscription to Runner’s World Magazine!


Shape Magazine is dedicated to being the best and most current news on healthy living. In addition to offering readers tips on how to improve their overall health, Shape Magazine also provides detailed information on how to reach specific healthy lifestyle goals plus articles on how to lose weight, eat a healthy diet, and get in shape.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health magazine has become the go-to magazine for women’s health news, wellness trends, medical studies, and health information. They deliver to you the latest in women’s health news, wellness trends, medical studies, and health information. Hopefully, it’ll empower you to take control of their health.

Here’s What I Love About Free Health and Fitness Magazine Subscriptions

You can have these free publications sent to any location. I send them to my home and any other location of my choosing. My doctor’s office had magazines from 5 years ago, so I signed them up for free subscriptions.

Another thing that is great about these free magazines is they often reach to my house before they’re available on newsstands. So, for those who may be wondering, you can rest assured knowing that these magazines are new and up-to-date.

Want more free stuff?

This concludes our list of free magazine subscriptions. After browsing through the list of free health and fitness magazines, we hope you sign up for one. Just to be clear, I enjoy sharing free stuff online and do not receive a commission for sharing this information.

The best part about these magazines is that there are no commitments or obligations. You can keep these magazines forever and they will never bother you with advertisements.

Keep in mind, these free magazines can change availability at any time and are often limited-time offers. Because of this, you may encounter some magazines that are unavailable. I’ll try to keep this list updated, but we will also leave links alive in case availability changes.

I really hope there was a free health and fitness magazine subscription on this list that fits your interests perfectly.