40+ Free Magazine Subscriptions By Mail

Don't sleep on these free big brand magazines

If you’re like me, you’ll also love receiving free magazine subscriptions every month. You may be surprised to learn there are dozens of big brand magazines you can get mailed to your door totally free. Let me show you how and which ones to get.

Plus, I love to hold a magazine and I don’t get overloaded as I do online. The best part is, these are a great way to save yourself some money.

Where can I get free magazine subscriptions?

There are a few sources that offer free magazine subscriptions and they often have them always available for free. It sounds a bit odd these magazines are totally free with no strings attached but it’s true.

Just to be clear, these magazines are printed versions exactly as you find them in grocery stores or in libraries. To obtain a free magazine subscription all you need to do is provide your mailing address.

There is no need for a survey or a credit card. It’s 100% absolutely free and I personally have received many subscriptions. However, my only disappointment is when the subscription ends or the magazines cease publication.

Here’s What I Love About Free Magazine Subscriptions

You can have these free publications sent anywhere. I send them to my home but I also found they’ll be delivered anywhere I choose. My doctor’s office had magazines from 5 years ago so I signed them up for free subscriptions.

Another thing I love about these magazines is, they often arrive at my home before they show up on newsstands. So for those who may be wondering, have no fear, these are new and current magazines.

This extensive list of free magazine subscriptions may include a few digital-only versions. I’ll emphasize which ones that are so you may choose not to get those but they are virtually identical to the print versions and more environmentally friendly.

Free Food and Cooking Magazine Subscriptions

If you love spending time in the kitchen and know your way around a mixing bowl, chances are you’re always on the lookout for new recipes to try.

While you could spend hours scouring through recipe books or scrolling through the Internet for new recipes, there’s something nice about getting free food and drink magazine subscriptions in your hand.

These magazines are a great way to discover new recipes and techniques, and they’re also a fun way to connect with other food lovers.

Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit food and drink magazine showcases the best food, wine, travel, and lifestyle content from around the world. Every month, they deliver in-depth articles and recipes. Bon Appétit is always packed with gorgeous photos, fun cooking tips, and tasty new recipes.

Food Network

If you love to cook and you love to eat, you’ll love this magazine. You don’t have to be a celebrity chef to enjoy the delicious food featured in Food Network magazine. The magazine’s family-friendly recipes, great food tips, entertaining features, and fun food and drink articles are perfect for anyone who loves to cook or just enjoys eating.

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping magazine’s mission is to help people live & enjoy their best possible life. Every month, millions of readers turn to Good Housekeeping to find trustworthy advice on everything from health and nutrition, food and cooking, home decor, and more. Whether it’s recipes for slow-cooker chicken and dumplings, or advice on how to organize the laundry room, Good Housekeeping is a free magazine subscription with great advice.

Healthy Living

If you enjoy cooking, baking, or just trying out new healthy food and drink recipes, then you’ll want to check out the Healthy Living food and drink magazine subscription. In addition to recipes, the magazine also offers meal planning tips, grocery shopping ideas, and general cooking and baking advice.

My Food & Family

As a busy parent, it can be difficult to come up with new and exciting recipes that they will eat. If only there were a magazine to learn to make family-friendly meals and treats the whole family would enjoy! My Food & Family offers just that! It’s a cooking, eating, baking, drink, and beverage magazine helping busy parents prepare tasty and healthy meals for their families.

Whisky Advocate

Get a free magazine subscription to Whisky Advocate because it’s the most prominent magazine for whisky enthusiasts. Featuring in-depth articles and reviews of the world’s finest whiskies. This magazine, which focuses on the latest trends and advancements in the whisky industry, has become an indispensable resource for connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator magazine is a resource for wine lovers, including reviews, recommendations, tips, and advice for wine selections. It features reviews, food and wine pairings, wine tips and recipes, and everything needed to be a wine expert. Find out how to pair wine with food and how to host a tasting party. Plus, how to cook with wine, and also how to make your own wine.

Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day magazine subscription delivers readers monthly stories, advice, recipes, and all sorts of goodies. It’s one of my favorites and I look forward to getting a copy every month.

Free Health and Fitness Magazine Subscriptions

I have several health and fitness subscriptions sent to my door. These magazines are filled with vital health information I think you’ll also enjoy reading about.

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is your go-to for golf instruction, equipment, and travel. Get exclusive tips from our Top 100 Teachers in America. Plus interviews with rising stars and old legends, and short-game advice from expert David Pelz. Stay updated with the latest gear through ClubTest equipment reviews and personalized game tips.

Health Magazine

Health Magazine is one of the most popular in its space and an excellent read for women of all ages. You’ll read about health, fitness, diets and so much more. It’s currently a free 2-year magazine subscription.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health magazine cuts through the clutter and delivers straight facts about health and fitness. Plus, there are issues that matter most to you from fitness to sports medicine to parenting. It’s loaded with helpful fitness tips to essential gear. It’s great for all guys.

Runner’s World

Runner’s World Magazine is the world’s #1 running and triathlon magazine. Virtually any athlete who runs and does triathlons is likely to have this magazine somewhere in their possession. It’s their primary source of information when it comes to running and triathlons. In other words, don’t be left out if you’re a roadrunner.


Shape Magazine has been dedicated to the best and most current news of healthy living. In addition, Shape Magazine also offers tons of information on how to reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated magazine features the best athletes and is the quintessential sports publication. The magazine also has annual issues which feature the best colleges, and colleges across the country. Therefore, it’s perfect for all professional and college sports lovers.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids is perfect for young athletes and the sports they love. It strives to help kids get involved at an early age and discover their passion for sports. The magazine also teaches ways kids can get involved through participation and volunteerism.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health Magazine has become the leading resource for women’s health news, wellness trends, medical studies, and health information. Its mission is to inspire women to take control of their health by offering the latest in women’s health news, wellness trends, medical studies, and health information.

Free Home and Decor Magazine Subscriptions

Love interior design and home decorating? If so, then these artful publications are perfect for you. Some of these magazines sell for over $8 on a newsstand so get them now while it’s free.

Architectural Digest

Designed to be a must-read for all who are passionate about architecture, Architectural Digest is a publication that has been extremely popular since its inception. AD explores the unique architecture and culture found in the world’s most spectacular cities. It is an international publication that features articles, essays, and photography from people who have a passion for design and architecture. The magazine provides a rich tapestry of ideas about the world of architecture.

Better Homes & Gardens

Make your home cozier and your garden bolder with detailed articles only found on the pages of Better Homes & Garden. This publication is usually at the top of my friend’s list to grab once it hits newsstands. Luckily, it can be yours for free today so don’t wait.

Country Living

Country Living magazine is a monthly magazine for country living enthusiasts. It features beautiful, inspiring, and informative articles on gardening, homesteading, arts and crafts, cooking, wellness, entertainment, fashion, travel, and more. Each issue also includes a photo section, seasonal recipes, stories, and a guide to our favorite local destinations.


DuJour is a lifestyle magazine that helps you find the right clothes, the right place to eat, the right job, the right man, and the right woman all as an online-only publication

Elle Decor

Elle Decor is the world’s leading authority on home decor and style. The magazine is devoted to the trends and techniques that define beautiful living. Additionally, Elle Decor features exclusive celebrity profiles, the latest news and trends, and expert advice on decorating, design, and interior trends.


Every issue of Flower magazine is filled with amazing home decor ideas, simple entertaining concepts, and lots of DIY innovations. Get your free 1-year subscription now!


HGTV Magazine is one of today’s fastest-growing magazines. In addition, it’s also one of my favorite TV channels, so if you love watching, this magazine is for you. The magazine focuses on all of the top home improvement shows, and it is a great place for fun, interesting, and informative stories. If you prefer a digital copy, get it here.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful Magazine is a publication that focuses primarily on design, home decor, and architecture—all things that are the focal point of a home.

Town and Country

Town and Country Magazine is the leading media publication and resource in the country for the affluent and influential. Their primary goal is to provide their readers with information, news, images, and a forum to drive the development of the affluent and influential person.


Veranda Magazine is a monthly lifestyle magazine, that delivers features on the latest trends, reviews, tips, and inspiration in design, travel, food, home, fashion, and more

Free Entertainment and Celebrity Magazine Subscriptions

Keep up to date on the world of entertainment with these great magazines. They’re perfect for movies, TV, and celebrity lovers.


A true icon in the magazine world. People magazine has been bringing the best of celebrity and popular culture news and is one of the most popular at newsstands. It provides in-depth stories about celebrities and everyday people. People magazine continues to connect readers to celebrities and provides human-interest stories readers want to read.

People en Español

If you need the latest gossip People en Español is like the ultimate magazine for all things fashion, style, and entertainment. Therefore, if you’re a Hispanic American, you gotta keep up with what’s poppin’ in the Latin community, and People magazine has got you covered. You get to peep into the lives of some of the biggest names in entertainment, politics, and culture. They spill all the tea – from exclusive interviews with celebs to behind-the-scenes dirt on red-carpet events. If you’re lookin’ for the inside scoop, you gotta read People en Español.

Den of Geek

The wildly popular Den of Geek website launched in April of 2012, DOG has grown to become a must-read magazine for comic book fans, film enthusiasts, and lovers of geek culture of all stripes.

Entertainment Weekly

The ultimate entertainment lovers magazine has to be Entertainment Weekly. It’s filled with news, interviews and so much great stuff all to do with movies, TV, music, and the entertainment industry.

All of my friends and family love movies and TV and are always asking for ways to get Entertainment Weekly magazine for free. Here’s the exact site I send them to and it’s currently a free 2-year magazine subscription with a whopping 44 issues.


LEGO is one of the most well-known toy brands in the world so a LEGO Magazine is a must for all builders. In addition, each issue will contain news about LEGO sets, new articles, and the best of what you’ve come to expect from LEGO all in a magazine.

Us Weekly

Get the latest news on your favorite Hollywood star with a free celebrity and entertainment magazine subscription to Us Weekly. See exclusive celebrity photos and beauty tips from some of Hollywood’s insiders.

As the title suggests, this magazine is one of the few on here that’s a weekly publication so it’s only a 6-month subscription but that’s 24 issues. Therefore, you should jump on this one now before it’s gone!

Free Travel and Lifestyle Magazine Subscriptions

Here’s a list of some magazines featuring a wide array of topics you may enjoy.

Boston Magazine

Your go-to magazine for all things Boston! Dive into captivating investigative reports, engaging local personality profiles, top-notch dining spots, events that matter, and more. Get your free 1-year subscription now!

Car and Driver

In the world of automotive magazines, Car and Driver is the crown jewel of the genre. Its long history of breaking the news on the automotive industry’s top stories makes it a must-read. In addition, the magazine focuses on automobile technology, autosports, and the automotive industry.

Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Aficionado magazine is for sophisticated men who want the finest things in life. In the early days of the magazine, back in the 1930s, it primarily covered the tobacco used to make cigars. Today, it’s all about cigars, wealth, influence, and the people behind them.

Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler is a magazine dedicated to world travelers looking for adventure. Whether that means taking a trip around the world or planning a short vacation. It’s a great international travel magazine, with tons of articles, and it’s the only magazine I keep. I’ve even sent several subscriptions to friends and offices.

Field & Stream

Field & Stream Magazine focuses on the latest in hunting and fishing equipment, game and bird hunting and fishing news, and photography. In addition, the magazine also has great stories and in-depth features about fishing and wildlife conservation and management.


Keeping up with the newest trends and fashion is essential for the stylish and modern man. However, with so many options accessible, it can be difficult to find the correct resources that provide reliable and quality information. GQ can help with that! GQ, one of the world’s top men’s fashion publications, provides a wealth of information on everything from the latest trends and styles to grooming and lifestyle advice. What’s more, the greatest part? You can get everything for free! GQ provides our readers with a free magazine subscription.

Harper’s Bazaar

A free Harper’s Bazaar magazine subscription brings you the latest fashion trends and an intimate look at the most luxurious lifestyle. It’s been a staple of high-end fashion and lifestyle for over 150 years. Get a free Harpers Bazaar magazine subscription perfect for fashion enthusiasts or a trendsetter.


Parents Magazine is an excellent family publication perfect for new parents. Its family-focused content includes parenting advice and tips, recipes, and other helpful how-to articles to help families succeed. Above all, it’s free and won’t cost you a penny.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics magazine is an excellent source of the latest and greatest information on automobiles, computers, gadgets, and more. This free magazine subscription is a great source for all of the information you need in your life.

Premier Guitar

Discussing the latest gear and technology with other gearheads, and the goings-on in the world of music, guitar, and gear.

Premier Guitar Magazine and sign up for a subscription. You’ll get access to thousands of great guitar articles, plus interviews and reviews. This way, you’ll never have to worry about missing an issue or seeing a title you want to read on sale.

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine is a great resource for anyone who loves the outdoors and discovering new adventures. Read about the latest in outdoor gear, gear reviews, gear tips, gear guides, and more. Outside Magazine is the go-to guide for outdoor enthusiasts in the know. You’ll discover a highly interesting and well-rounded look at the wilderness around us.

Outdoor Life

If you’re a lover of all things green, you’ve probably heard of Outdoor Life Magazine. Founded in 1898, the publication grew to become one of the most popular outdoor magazines in the world. The publication delivers news, reviews, and tips on outdoor-related activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

Outdoor Photographer

This one is perfect for photography enthusiasts, especially ones who love the outdoors. Outdoor Photography magazine is considered by many to be the top guide to outdoors, wilderness travel, and adventure sports photography. Plus it features stunning photos from some of the world’s most renowned nature photographers.


Aficionados of motorcycles and love to explore the vast expanse of the open road need apply only. RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel is the leading publication catering to touring and travel on motorcycles. In many ways, RoadRUNNER can be your wingman in your journey, providing you with in-depth reviews, comprehensive road maps, and inspiring travel narratives. Moreover, the best part is that you can now get a complimentary subscription to RoadRUNNER Magazine, thanks to a limited-time offer from the publisher.

Stereophile Magazine

Discover unparalleled audio insights with Stereophile magazine. Experience expert reviews, valuable recommendations, and bold perspectives, all founded on the revolutionary notion of assessing audio components based on their musical reproduction. Claim your free magazine subscription now.

Free News, Business, and News Magazine Subscriptions

Are you starting a business or thinking of investing? Then these magazines will be great to learn more about new financial and economic opportunities. Each of these magazines has a mission to solve global problems by inspiring people to create better businesses and a better world.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur magazine is a monthly free business magazine that features articles about starting and running a business and the latest trends in entrepreneurship. Its mission is to inspire, educate, and empower entrepreneurs to create the life of their dreams.

Fast Company

Fast Company is a business magazine that has a unique approach to covering business. In contrast to other business publications, Fast Company’s focus is on innovation and the future of business and its challenges.


Fortune Magazine is one of Fortune’s three magazines. The other two are Business Insider and Sports Business Journal. Fortune Magazine targets a less business-savvy and educated audience but has a lot of business articles. Fortune Magazine is about business and entrepreneurship. Its primary audience is business and management professionals and CEOs. The primary topics are technology, entertainment, and society.

Money Free Magazine Subscription

Money Magazine is your go-to source for news and information on the economy. Since 1894, we’ve been bringing you the most up-to-date, insightful economic news from around the world, all in one place.


Time Magazine’s mission is to inspire and empower people to live better lives. Each month, we share the latest science, health, fitness, politics, technology, entertainment, and business news—as well as features, reviews, and editorials. Our journalists are experts and unbiased. We do not accept advertising from the food and beverage industry.

Free Digital Magazine Subscriptions

If you prefer to receive a digital copy instead of a printed magazine here are a few to choose from:

Family Handyman

Family Handyman Magazine is a magazine that aims to feed the DIYer spirit, and it had just the right way to do that. They’ve got the DIYer in mind, and they cater to the interests and needs of the DIYer. Need new tools? They’ve got them. Need a DIY project idea? They’ve got that too. They’ve got a monthly DIY project feature, complete with tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Want more free stuff?

And there you have it, a pretty big list of free magazine subscriptions you can get mailed right to your door.

In conclusion, I hope you found several magazines you like and signed up for. The magazine subscriptions for free are one of the best things about the internet so hopefully, you didn’t hesitate to get some.

What’s great about them is, there are no commitments or obligations. These magazines are yours to keep forever, and they will never bother you with advertisements.

Keep in mind, oftentimes these free magazines are limited-time offers and frequently change availability. Because of this, you may encounter some unavailable magazines. In this situation, we will try to keep this list updated but will also leave links alive in case availability changes.

No matter what your interests are, I hope there is a free magazine subscription on this list you can enjoy.