Free Halloween eCards is the spookiest way to say Happy Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you’re looking for a spooky and fun way to wish your friends and family a Happy Halloween, look no further. I’ve compiled a collection of free Halloween eCards perfect to make a chilling connection. All of these eCards are a lot of fun and in the Halloween spirit. There’s something for everyone so you an’t go wrong with any of these eerie eCards.

This list of the best free Halloween ecards is packed amazing designs of with pumpkins, witches, ghosts, goblins and every creepy thing in between. They’re mostly fun and perfect for all ages but a few might keep vampires and werewolves hiding in the attic.

Aside from reconnecting with friends and family, here’s some ideas I came up with to get some extra use out of these terrifying free Halloween eCards:

Why not remind the neighbors your home is open for trick-or-treaters or play a ghoulish prank on friends with these wicked free Halloween eCards. Create a mystery in your office or school with a ghastly reveal on Halloween. There’s so many ways to use and have fun with them.

Here’s our list of the Best Free Halloween eCards for all occasions

I’m so glad you found my list of free Halloween ecards because they’re a really fun way to say Happy Halloween to your friends and family. All of these eCards are really fun and will raise the spirit of the undead so they’re truly for everyone

123 Greetings

With the biggest selection on this list, is an excellent place to find the ideal Halloween eCard and they’re totally free. With hundreds of design available, you may spend hours going through their extensive list of free ecards. All the Halloween cards you could ever need are right there on  

What many love about 123Greeting is you don’t even have to sign up. Just choose a colorful, fun Halloween card, add your message and a friend’s email address, and hit send. It’s simple and maybe the best place to start.

Greetings Island

Greetings Island is one of the best places to find free Halloween ecards that are customizable with your own pictures and text, and are free to send to anyone online. Of all the websites with free Halloween eCards, Greetings Island has some of the best designs.

Greetings Island is a great site to create free Halloween cards, with an affordable premium membership that gives access to even better cards – ideal for businesses. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to send a fun Halloween note and more. has a very small selection of free Halloween cards. If you want to find some nice simple design but don’t want to go through pages and pages, this site is perfect. Each Halloween eCard is free and also animated which is a fun way to send a message to your friend and family on Halloween.

Doozy Cards

Doozy Cards is another great spot to find unique and funny Halloween eCards to send to your friends, family and loved ones. With a wide selection of Halloween cards, as well as animated cards that change and move from one image to the next, Doozy Cards has something for everyone.


There are many free online Hallowen card sites, but even then it maybe hard to find that perfect card. That’s why I love creating my own Halloween ecards and there’s no place better to do it than Canva. Their super easy to use software will have you creating a masterpiece within minutes and most of the amazing designs are totally free. You can names, and creepy texts along with changing colors and so much more. The end result is limitless.

Got Free eCards

People love Got Free eCards because they don’t require registration and allow you to quickly send one of their Halloween eCards by email or even post to social media like Instagram and Facebook. Another great feature is all of the eCards are animated.


For saucy and sarcastic humor, Someecards have become an internet sensation for their funny sayings. Luckily for us, they have a free Halloween ecard section filled with sarcastic and rauchy cards perfect to send to close friends and anyone who will understand their humor. If you’re a fan, you can purchase physical cards on Amazon perfect for a good laugh around the office.


If you enjoy humor with a twist, then Wrongcards offers the perfect collection of free Halloween cards. They are sure to make you laugh and are perfect for sending to someone who has had a bad day. With Wrongcards you can turn their frown upside down.

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Here’s what you need to know about when sending out free Halloween ecards

Sending out an ecard is really easy but a few things can go wrong. You could acidently send the Ecard to the incorrect person or email address. You don’t want your good intentions to be lost forever in cyberspace.
While you can’t avoid making mistakes, you can help prevent them by following these guidelines:

1.  Double-check the email address. If you’re sending a card electronically, take a minute to double-check the email address. A simple typo can cost you a card that you spent hours on.

2.  Make sure your spelling is correct. Use a web browser extension like Grammarly or write out your message in Google Docs or Microsoft Office first and let it spellcheck for you

Use these free Halloween ecards with extra care. There’s no telling who might arise once you send one. Happy Halloween my dear!